Monaco, September 2-3 2018

BPA (Business Partners of Armenia) is a company which initiated several programs aimed to develop the Armenian Economy, also organized investment forums, such as: “INVEST ARMENIA 2015”, “INVEST ARMENIA 2016” , “WELCOME TO ARMENIA 2016” .

BPA company is launching with a new initiative called “ARMENIAN COLLECTION 2018 MONTE-CARLO” which goal is to activate cultural and economical links between Armenia and Monaco.

The project includes:

· Charity Concert with Famous Armenian Musicians
· Gala Dinner with participation of famous Armenians
· Fair of Luxury Armenian brands
· Special tasting of the Legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT
· Charity auctionPresentation of famous Armenian artist NUR’s two art-works
· Charity auction
· Fashion show of famous Armenian designers

The aims of the project:

· To set up cultural and economical relations between Monaco and Armenia
· Spreading of Armenian culture
· Presentation of Armenian brands in abroad
· World famous companies presentation with Armenian roots
· Developing new business links between Armenian and Diaspora businessmen
· To create one more bridge between Armenia and Diaspora


Vruyr Penesyan